Need Help With A Specific Medical Diet Or Weight Loss Plan?

Work One On One With Me To Create Your Customized Weight Loss Or Medical Diet Plan

Medical Nutrition Therapy  or Weight Loss Consultation

By evaluating the impact of food on your body chemistry, the root cause of your health concerns will be addressed.   In this consultation, I will dive deep into your sleep patterns,  diet, stress levels, and exercise levels to put an end to recurring habits.


  • Analysis of your current diet for nutrient excesses and deficiencies
  • Review of blood work if available to assess for optimal vs. “normal  lab values”
  • Customized diet and supplement plan 
  • Advice on best nutritional or medical laboratory testing to help get to the root cause of your issues.
  • Exercise Guidelines
  • Nutrition Education and goal setting

1.5 hour session,  $249

Medical Nutrition Therapy or Weight Loss Follow up Details

Continuing education and support, topics may include:

  • eating out,
  • healthy snacks
  • optimal proteins, carbohydrates and fats to eat,
  • fiber and its role in health,
  • additional secrets to health and weight loss
  •  intermittent fasting techniques
  • And more…

Follow up appointments are $99. Book your follow-up appointment here.

Save money and create consistent change with a multi-session package.

Nutrition 3 visit package: Initial + 2 follow ups: $399

Includes initial consult and 2 follow ups paid up front. (must be used within 4 months)

Book your  3 Visit Package Here.

Fix Your Metabolism 4 visits package: Initial consult + 4 follow ups : $499

Includes Initial Nutrition Consult with customized menu plan, as well as 4 follow up sessions via zoom or phone.

Each session I will review your food log, provide additional menu plans, set goals and educate you on the secrets to good nutrition.

Includes customized supplementation program.


Book your  Fix Your Metabolism Program here.

Confused about which vitamin supplements to take? 

Personalized Supplement Program. Let me help you get the right vitamins at the right dose.

Vitamin deficiencies can be dangerous, but so can an excess intake of synthetic or cheaply made nutritional supplements. Even worse is taking vitamin supplements that may interact with your medication or not be correctly prescribed based on your needs. 

Let me create a customized vitamin plan for you based on your unique medical and nutritional needs.


Analysis of your 3-day food log to help determine your vitamin excess and deficiencies.

Evaluation of your vitamin assessment questionnaire which looks at your lifestyle, diet habits, health issues, and even your medications.

A customized vitamin supplement plan that includes the highest quality vitamins at the right dose.

Need to get to the root cause of your symptoms?

Specialized Nutritional Lab Testing Consult

Functional Medicine testing assists in addressing the root cause of underlying disorders. Functional Medicine testing may include blood, stool, urine, or saliva. In-depth testing offers information about your metabolic, nutritional, and detoxification status as well as details on your hormonal, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and immune system function. This reliable testing helps to address what led to the present state of illness and why. 


Initial 30 minute call to determine the best-specialized testing to get to the root cause of your symptoms

Free delivery of test kit to your home

Follow up call to review your test results

Vitamin and menu plan to help support your health needs 


* Lab fees and supplement fees are separate from Nutritional Lab testing Consult.

What tests do I offer?

FOOD ALLERGY TESTING  IgA and IgG Learn More $149





*FOOD ZOOMERS: Learn more $199

*Zoomer tests available: wheat zoomer, egg zoomer, corn zoomer, soy zoomer, lectin zoomer,  nut zoomer, peanut zoomer, dairy zoomer. $199 each.

These individual food zoomer tests are  highly sensitive as they test for individual peptide fragments of proteins in  each food. This tests for the full array of possible reactivity and gives the  most accurate results when you need to be 100% certain of reactivity or sensitivity. These foods may be a trigger for common inflammatory symptoms that affect the gastrointestinal, neurological, integumentary (skin), connective tissue/joints, and other body systems.

Insurance and payment information.

Laboratory and Josephine Tutrani MS/RD/CDCES does not participate in, take assignment, or accept any private insurance. I do not provide super bills and cannot assist with claim resolution for laboratory tests or consultations.

Patient is responsible for the lab work and can pay the lab directly when sending in the test sample.

There may be additional lab processing fee’s with orders under $199 for all vibrant wellness testing.

Optimal Health is Just 3 Steps Away

Step 1:

Schedule a FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call

Step 2:

Follow Your Customized Diet Plan

Step 3:

Say hello to the healthiest version of yourself.


What is involved in a one-on-one consultation?

STEP ONE: Schedule a complementary consult-phone appointment.

The initial complementary phone appointment is about 15 minutes. The purpose of this phone call is to discuss your overall health and wellness goals as well as effectively communicate my program to you. Any questions you have about my services will be answered here and if you decide you would like to proceed, the next step is completing the online nutrition paperwork and setting up your 30 minute phone assessment.

STEP TWO: Online Nutrition Paperwork – E-mailed

After the initial 15-min consult, I will set up your initial Medical or Weight Loss Nutrition appointment if you desire. Then, the next step is to complete the online nutrition paperwork below.

This can be completed online, so no need to print it out. As soon as you complete it, the data is sent to me directly.

STEP THREE: Assessment and Report of Findings

Once I have received your online nutrition forms, we proceed to our Functional Nutrition Assessment, this is about 30 minutes. The purpose of this appointment is to gather more data about your current state of health. I will also be asking more specific questions relating to the paperwork that you have completed. In addition to reviewing your diet diary, some of the topics of the questions will include the following, but not limited to:

  • Medications · Sleep Habits · Exercise
  • Supplements · Bowel Movements · Occupation/Work Schedule
  • Allergies · Menstruation · Personal History of Illness
  • Surgeries · Typical Diet · Family History of Illness

Before this appointment make sure to fill out the forms sent to you and list all your medications, and supplements. In addition, and most importantly record your food log for at least 3-4 days. This will food log will be included on the paperwork emailed to you.

After our initial phone session or zoom session, I will create a customized menu plan and supplement plan for you. Once you have received the menu and links to purchase the medical grade supplements feel free to reach out via email with any questions.

STEP Four: Follow up appointments

About 14 -21 days into your program, and then monthly if desired I will follow up with a Food Diary appointment, about 30 minutes. The purpose of this appointment is to provide support and answer any questions that may have arisen during the first  2-3 weeks of your program as well as review the details of your food diary. Any food recommendations discussed during this appointment will also be e-mailed to you for your records.

That’s it, the steps to a nutrition program designed uniquely for you to support your overall health and wellness goals. And it’s all done on your watch, no need to take time away from your busy schedule for office appointments.

What is your cancellation policy?

Nutrition and health require a commitment and a large segment of time has been specifically reserved for your nutrition appointment. Therefore, if you need to change or cancel your appointment, a minimum of a 48 hour notice is requested so we can try to refill the appointment. Half of the session fee will be billed to your account if you fail to comply with this cancellation policy. Your cooperation is appreciated!

How many appointments do I need?

After the first consultation, follow up visits are individualized. Generally, the best success for weight loss and health improvement will occur with 6 total sessions but this is not mandatory. To make it more cost effective we have packaged plans.

Is nutritional laboratory testing mandatory?

No the testing is completely optional but if done will accelerate program results as it will provide much needed information on the root cause of the symptom or weight loss issue.

Do you take insurance?

No we do not take insurance but can provide a bill that you can submit to your insurance company. There is no guarantee that your insurance will pay thought. Payment can be made through paypal, venmo, credit or cash.

Why do I need a nutritionist, can’t I just follow a diet I found online?

Most diets have a 98% fail rate, that is because they are fad diets that provide short term success. In addition, these diets are not individualized, and do not take into account a person’s unique medical issues and food biochemistry.

Not one diet fits all, while a low carb or keto diet may work for one person , it may make another gain weight or suffer ill results.

A licensed Nutritionist follows the science of nutrition and will look at your lifestyle, medical issues, laboratory parameters and symptoms to determine which program works best for you.

Medical Menu Plans

Menu plans to support diabetes, hypertension, digestive issues and more.

Supplement Protocols

Supplement protocols to support diabetes, hypertension, digestive issues and more.