Vegetarian Support Program

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Vegetarian Support Meal Plan and Supplement Protocol


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Vegetarian Low sugar Challenge for Diabetes

A low-glycemic vegetarian meal plan designed for clients who are pre-diabetic, have Type II diabetes, inflammatory issues, or those who want to reduce their sugar intake. Recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free. Eggs are used as a binding agent in the entrees, with the inclusion of flax egg instructions for those who wish to avoid eggs. Smoothie recipes include gluten-free, vegan protein powder.

Supplement Protocols are Available in FullScript. 

A link to the protocol is provided after you purchase the meal plan or you can purchase just the supplements below.

You will then create an account with FullScript to access the supplements.

The cost of supplements is not included in the price of the support program.

Vegetarian Supplement Protocol: Purchase here.