Gut Health Support Program

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Gut Health Meal Plan and Supplement Protocol


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Gerd/Acid Reflux Menu Plan

Candida Control Menu Plan

IBS/IBD Fodmap Menu Plan

Gerd/Acid Reflux Support Menu Plan
This diet is for those who have acid reflux or GERD, it is low in citrus, tomatoes, gluten, dairy and many foods that increase the symptoms and inflammation in the upper digestive tract.

Many foods can be eating on this plan to lessen symptoms, these are all included as a 14 day menu plan with recipes attached.

Candida Removal Meal Plan
The Anti-Candida Diet is designed to help designed to eliminate candidiasis. Food with a high-glycemic load are excluded including grains, dairy, legumes most starchy vegetables, most fruits, added sugars and alcohol. The meal plan includes smoothies with a gluten-free plain vegan protein powder.

This menu works best with our anti-candida supplements

* IBS/IBD Support Menu Plan- Fodmap Menu Plan
This Low-FODMAP plan is gluten-free and dairy-free. Following this plan may help improve symptoms of IBS and other gastrointestinal issues. The plan is 28 days of following a Low FODMAP meal plan with an additional 28 days for reintroducing high and medium FODMAP foods to test for intolerances. Recipes include smoothies made with a gluten-free plain vegan protein powder. Protein powder should be based on brown rice, quinoa, or lactose-free dairy (whey). Pea protein along with artificial sweeteners and Inulins are high FODMAPs. Select a protein powder that is free of these and preferably certified FODMAP friendly

Supplement Protocols are Available in FullScript. 

A link to the protocol is provided after you purchase the meal plan or you can purchase just the supplements below.

You will then create an account with FullScript to access the supplements.

The cost of supplements is not included in the price of the support program.

Gerd/Acid Reflux Supplement Protocol: Purchase here.

Candida Supplement Protocol: Purchase here.

SIBO Leaky Gut/IBS protocol: Purchase here.