• What distinguishes a quality nutritional product and why should I buy my supplements from you instead of a health food store?

    http://todoledrd.com/nl-NL/hopa_23-04-2020 First, let me answer this by saying that not all supplements are created equal! The supplements we carry have 5 markers of quality that make them the very best on the market. These products are only available through health professionals and are innovative, well researched and on the cutting edge.

    5 Markers of Quality Nutritional Supplements

    • The raw materials in the products lines carried arrive with a certificate of analysis that documents potency and purity
    • Finished products are assayed by third party laboratory for potency
    • Nutrients listed on each bottle are in the correct dosages and biological preferred forms so that they are readily absorbed by the body and deliver effective results
    • Our products have been well researched both in scientific and clinical settings.
    • The manufacturers we use follow the FDA proposed Good Manufacturing Practices protocols.

    We take the confusion out of what supplements to take and how much to take because all of our protocols are based on the latest state of the art research within the nutritional supplement industry. We also have over 25 years experience and are committed to researching and providing products that are the very best in the market place today ufc betting.

  • What is a registered dietitian?

    An RD or CDN (certified dietitian/nutritionist) is an individual with an advanced degree in nutrition obtained from an accredited college. An RD must complete postgraduate studies or an internship and then pass an exam to use that title. RD’s are licensed and insured in the state that they reside.

    BEWARE as anyone can call himself or herself a nutritionist or diet counselor and provide nutritional advice and even sell vitamin supplements. This in no way means that they have the license, expertise or medical nutritional experience to get you optimal results and give you safe advise source.

  • How do I know which diet is best for me?
    The best way to know which diet is best is to schedule a consultation with an RD. By reviewing a medical history, filling out a detailed health questionnaire and providing information regarding your present health and diet an RD can determine the perfect diet 4U
  • I would like to purchase the available on line diets without a consultation, which should I choose?
    Choose the diet that most closely fits your medical condition arcoxia 90 mg precio as determined by your physician.

    If you are purchasing a pre-written diet on line you can rest assured that it is based on the most current state of the art research for that health condition.

  • How much weight can I expect to lose on the weight loss diets?
    If you are overweight (with high body fat levels) then the diet will help you reduce FAT specifically. Weight loss can be water, muscle and/or fat. Fat loss is just that, “fat” loss, which is what our diets are all about. While it is not our policy to make claims for fat loss results, a conservative estimate might be 2 pounds per week (but individual results vary.)
  • Are your weight loss plans high protein and low carbohydrate?
    No. Our diets have adequate proteins, moderate healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats. The weight loss diets are scientifically sound to help you burn maximum body fat and provide optimal health. They teach a balanced way of eating with carbohydrate being limited, not eliminated and fats encouraged in normal amounts and from wholesome sources. Our weight loss Diets don’t eliminate, but limit carbohydrate foods, thus they control insulin needs and secretion, making the diet suitable for anyone wishing to get leaner, have more energy and better mental focus.
  • I feel bloated and my digestive system is not healthy, what can I do?
    A healthy diet is your first step. Research shows that by eating more fruits, vegetables, and fibrous grains and less refined white flour products, sugars and processed foods, we can be on the road to optimal digestion. Purchase our diet for GI Health and check out our GI Protocols which includes fiber, beneficial bacteria called acidophilus, enzymes and oils to help support your digestion.
  • If I have a personal question, can I contact you directly?
    Yes, contact me by e-mail or by filling out our contact form. Someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
  • Advantages To Working With A Registered Dietitian?
    Registered Dietitians know the science of nutrition here . They have advanced degrees in nutrition from well-respected, accredited universities and colleges. RD’s must also complete a supervised examination administered by the Commission of Dietetic Registration and earn professional education credits to maintain their license.

    Registered Dietitians can develop a personalized nutrition plan for individuals of all ages. They are able to separate fact from fads and translate nutritional science into information you can use. A Registered Dietitian can put you on the path to lowering your weight, eating healthfully and reducing your risk of chronic disease.

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